Cross-Promotion Banner Exchange Network

Promote aligned organizations,
and in exchange they promote you.
For free.

What is it?

Cross-promotion of initiatives, products, projects and events between aligned partners on a barter basis. Each organization promotes its partners’ campaigns by displaying automatically selected banner images on its website.

Below is an example of a horizontal banner — it shows randomly selected campaigns from randomly selected partners each time this page is displayed (refresh this page to see it in action):

How does it work?

Each participating organization creates campaigns that promote its initiatives. A campaign consists of a vertical and a horizontal banner, and a URL, to which visitors are directed when they click on the banner. This allows you to promote your projects, events, products and initiatives.

In exchange, each participating organization displays a vertical or a horizontal banner on its homepage to promote others. Every time your page loads, the banner dynamically displays one of the Aligned partners' campaigns: first, an organization is selected at random, then one of its campaigns is selected at random, and displayed in the banner. Here's an example of a vertical (sidebar) banner:

How to participate?

* Before signing up to the Aligned network, please register as a contributing partner on


on the Aligned Network and provide your organization details:

(We manually validate each registration)


on your site to promote others: copy + paste one of the banner embed codes onto the front page of your site. Choose vertical or horizontal, depending on your site layout:


on our dashboard, so that others can display your banners in the same way:

  • Create your banners (you can download the template PSD files by clicking on the images below) — 1 vertical and 1 horizontal image for each campaign
  • Add your campaigns in the Aligned dashboard.
  • Note that you won't see your campaigns on your site, but you will see it displayed in the examples above, and on other Aligned sites.


Who we are

Aligned Network is a Live It Now Productions initiative. Our goal is to empower, facilitate and connect organizations, who share our mission, values and principles.